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Group and individual sessions


Rasa Ingvarsson, yoga teacher, practicing yoga since 2001 in Hamburg and Stockholm.

  • Yoga for adults - International Sivananda Vedanta Centre in India.
  • Yoga for children - Fridfull yoga, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Yoga massage - ITM Massage School, Chiang-Mai, Thailand.

The yoga class conducts various stretching, breathing and relaxation exercises that systematically relax tension in the body. The body becomes more flexible and stronger, digestion improves, sleep becomes deeper and one gets more vitality, better concentration and emotional balance.

You do not need any previous experience, and it is suitable for women and men of all ages. You decide yourself, how deep you want to go.

We suggest you do not eat a couple of hours before the yoga class. The best time to do yoga is on an empty stomach.


Group trainings – 70 Lt /  20,27 € per person (1 hour)

Individual trainings – 150 Lt / 43,44 € per person (1 hour)

Yoga for children – 60 Lt / 17,34 € per child (30 min.)


Contact Details

Birute avenue 60, 00135, Palanga

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Palanga SPA Design tel. +370 460 41411

SPA centre tel. +370 460 41416

Fax: +370 460 41415

E-mail: info@palangahotel.ltspa@palangahotel.lt


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