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Mineral water

In order to maintain the balneology traditions (treatment with mineral water) of Palanga town and provide guests with more possibilities for well-being, we using mineral water for healing procedures and in pools. The hotel’s well is 522 m deep, and the mineralisation of the water obtained from it is 14.43 g/l.

Externally used mineral water procedures have been considered one of the most effective methods of health improvement, stress reduction and body nurturance since the old times. Mineral water is a complex natural substance, having up to 70 different elements. Every centimetre of our skin has many pain, heat and pressure sense receptors and about 200 thousand capillaries. Mineral water, in affecting these points, heals different systems of the body:

  • Movable support apparatus diseases and lesions
  • Nervous system diseases
  • Bloodstream system diseases
  • Digestive system’s organ diseases
  • Urogenital system’s organ diseases
  • Skin diseases.

Treatment with mineral water is not only a perfect means of disease treatment and prophylaxis, but is also a very pleasant method for relaxation. When the body’s muscles relax, psychological pressure is also reduced, so you will feel perfectly rested after mineral water procedures.




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